All classes are appropriate for beginners, pre and postnatal friendly and no dance experience is required. Modifications can be provided when necessary.
Classes can be done barefoot, in grippy socks or with sneakers on.
The studio has all equipment needed, we do encourage students to get their own yoga mat but we do have extra on hand.

Raise the Barre

Using 2-3 pound weights, this class will focus on small movements for the upper body to tone and sculpt the shoulders, biceps and triceps.

Blackout Barre

Let loose in a dark room, with loud (explicit) music doing the barre workout we love.

Tuck, Pulse and Shake

Embrace the shake with small, isometric movements that you will only find in a full-body barre class.

Flexin and Flowin

Build strength, stamina and flexibility in this class as you flow through yoga poses using body weight, small weighted balls, resistance bands or any barre/yoga prop we can get our hands on!

Belly Dancing

Never danced before? No problem! This is a fun, no pressure class that focuses on building powerful muscle control while learning traditional Egyptian belly dance moves. A supportive environment that embraces all skill levels, aiming to enhance your abilities and confidence!

Get You Pose On

A mind body practice. Full body relaxation that combines standing postures, twists, hip openers and forward folds with breathwork and meditation to conclude.

Sunday Bunday

Strengthen and tone the entire lower body with this high intensity glute focused class.


Small movements combined with fast-paced exercises to make for a perfect 30-minute workout on your break.

What the FLEX?

Full Body Workout focusing on core, arms, legs and cardio. Every week is a different format using weights, bosu, bands and bodyweight exercises.

Barre Crawl

Short bursts of barre and cardiovascular training in this station based class.
*Wear sneakers as we often use spin bikes (at your own pace).

Special: $25

One week unlimited for barre and yoga
Can be used at both studios and zoom
For first time students only
Activates the day it is purchased


noun | bär/tend


  • An effective way to sculpt your muscles and have fun at the same time
  • Fuses elements of ballet, Pilates, yoga, and weight training
  • Workout for every body
  • Flexible class times to fit your busy schedule
  • A place where all beliefs and abilities are respected
  • Not just for ballerina’s
  • Designed for women to find their balance
  • Side effects include increased confidence, a sharper mind, and a lean body